Little Pines Preschool

The early years are a time of wonder and magic!

Young children are expanding their horizons as they begin to venture out into the world and explore their surroundings, absorbing all of their experiences through their sensory perceptions.


At The Little Pines Preschool, we foster an environment of beauty and encourage creative play outdoors in the natural world and inside with open-ended toys and play.
We are all learning together through Montessori-inspired activities, seasonal crafts, hands-on activities like cooking and baking, outdoor exploration, songs and storytelling and of course a little bit of magic!
During childhood, we build the foundation for becoming curious, inquisitive, thoughtful and caring learners, developing trust in ourselves and the world around us as we develop our gifts and talents that we will someday share with the world.
Childhood is a special time. We love that as teachers at The Little Pines Preschool we get to water and tend the seeds of lifelong learners!
More information about the Little Pines Preschool is coming soon.


Little Pines Preschool consists of 2 classes: the 3-year old class and the PreK class for 4-year olds.

The 3-year old class is open 2 days a week, and parents can opt to enroll in both classes.

Our PreK class is a 4 day a week program, with class Monday-Thursday.

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Entry into The Little Pines Preschool does not automatically enroll your child into Roots.

The K-6 Roots program has its own application process.