The Chelan Valley is buzzing as winter slowly rolls in.  Leaves have dropped, temperatures are dipping, the lake has only a few boats, and students have nearly half their school year behind them as they wait to return from Holiday Break.  Roots is in its 3rd year as an elementary school in the Chelan valley, serving students from all over the area. The students and teachers have found a rhythm which gives us all time to reflect on how we got to this point, operating as a small, non-profit school.  Surely the hard work and dedication of the teachers and parents can not be overlooked. Families were willing to take a chance on a different style of education and a different philosophy when it was not fully formed yet. Teachers were willing to take pay cuts and work extra hours developing ideas, planning new events, touring other schools and turning dreams into reality.  Even with parents paying tuition and teachers accepting lower than average pay, the school would not be able to remain open without outside support. The economics just wouldn’t work. 

We have many community members and businesses to thank for our success and the ability to keep our doors open. From field trips to donations, guest speakers to sponsorships, each expression of support means a lot to us and we truly can’t express our gratitude enough.  Some supported because they knew and trusted one person connected to Roots. Others support because they believe in our Mission and Vision. Still others support because they have/had a child who needed an alternate option for education and this is a way to support options for students. If you’re not sure what Roots is all about please reach out to anyone connected to the school.  Call, email, follow us on social media, or stop by the school and see the dynamic learning for yourself. 

We wanted to highlight some of the major community partnerships since they have been so fundamental in our success.  Chelan Multisport Foundation (ChelanMan Race) donated for PE equipment. The Charlie Bear Trust Fund gave a student scholarship AND money towards curriculum for building a strong and holistic academic foundation for all students. The Lake Chelan Health and Wellness Foundation donated last year for health/nutrition/yoga and are financially supporting the social-emotional wellness classes this year. The Oscar G and Elsa S Mayer Family Foundation also donated to the operating budget of the school. There are also numerous private donations and loans which have helped support the school during the start up years.  We are incredibly grateful!

We have been supported not only through sponsorships and donations, but also field trips and guest speakers. The impact that small businesses and local professionals have had on our students can not be measured.  They donated their time and energy to help provide a well rounded, diverse, and hands on education over the past few years. Students not only were learning things related to the curriculum through these experiences, but also broadening their understanding regarding community relationships, volunteering, running a small business and networking.  Some day when students are business owners, they will remember these experiences and be more likely to volunteer and pay it forward to upcoming generations. We strive to support your local businesses and continue this community partnership for years to come. Community Stronger Together.