Classroom Teachers

Rachel Robison

Eagles' Classroom Teacher and Director of Education

I love teaching in an atmosphere that values current research on brain development, promotes independent critical thinkers who will be ready for tomorrow’s challenges, and places an equal emphasis on children’s social and emotional well-being. It is with these parameters in mind that the original steering committee began researching the start-up of a private school in the Chelan Valley. I was privileged to be a part of that passionate, hard-working team and enjoyed collaborating towards a beautiful vision. Today, I am thrilled to see the result of the tenacious efforts of many- staff, parents, the local community- as Roots has developed into a topnotch educational opportunity. I love my job and am excited to work with the students and staff to make each day great! 

Background: My educational background includes a BS in human nutrition, a post Baccalaureate degree in elementary education and my National Board Certification in K-8 literacy. I have 13 years of experience in the private elementary school my children attended, Chelan Valley Independent School. All 13 years were as a parent, with the last 8 as a classroom instructor as well.

Leane Uttech

Wolves' Classroom Teacher

My name is Leanne Uttech and I have been teaching for over 20 years both as a public and private school teacher.  I am the owner/operator of Room to Bloom Preschool which I started in 2012 when my kiddos were preschool age. I graduated from WWU with a B.A. of Education with a focus in Interdisciplinary Child Development.  In 2006, I received my Master’s of Education in Integrating Arts & Performance Learning from City University. As a young child I always knew I wanted to become a teacher and was driven to teach in a way that reaches all students in my classroom through as much hands-on exploration as possible.  This was the driving force behind developing my preschool curriculum and is one of the many reasons I am inspired to teach at Roots. As a parent and educator, it is very important to me that all students are met at their individual levels and taught through a variety of methods that are the just right challenge for each individual child.  I am grateful for the Roots Community School for providing such an environment where no child is waiting for others to catch up and no child is struggling to keep up. I also believe that the Arts are a very important part of education that cannot be left out. It is this unique teaching and learning environment that allows both teachers and students to thrive at Roots!


Lauren Traub

Intervention Specialist

Hello, my name is Lauren Traub and I am so excited to be a part of Roots Community School and such an amazing group of human beings. I have a passion for helping people/students who struggle to succeed academically.  I also struggled academically and have been learning different tools my entire life to help me cope with these struggles. I was introduced to an amazing woman, Renie Smith, who has developed a program that not only assesses struggling children and adults, but has also developed tools for these learners which helps them lead successful lives. Renie also developed a curriculum which helps prevent learning challenges. I have been fortunate enough to study under Renie and have noticed a huge difference in students after I started implementing the different techniques I have learned from her. “I now have the best tools to help and assess children and adults.  When an individual knows how they learn best, learning can become interesting and challenging in all the good ways, instead of being so overwhelming!”, Renie Smith. It is incredible to watch students gain academic success and personal achievements using these tools. 

My passion for helping students who struggle to succeed, comes from my personal experience. In 3rd grade I was diagnosed with dyslexia which gave me a clearer insight and understanding of what students go through when learning does not come easily. I then began a desperate search to help my own son when he began having difficulties with academic learning. I was introduced to Renie who assessed and created a specialized correction program for my son’s needs. After seeing the results of my son’s program, I was inspired to begin training so I could help these struggling learners.

I volunteered at Morgen Owings Elementary School working with teachers and students for 5 years. For the last 3 years, I have been volunteering and working with children and teachers at Roots Community School.  I have worked with Dr. Pepper in Lake Oswego ORd, Carolyn Eden in Bainbridge WA, Renie Smith – CEO and founder at Meadowbrook Educational Services in Spokane WA, studied Davis techniques, am a certified provider of the Listening Program, InTime, and The Movement Program by Advanced Brain Technologies.


Erin Fielding


This year will be my fourth year at Roots Community School.  I have lived in the Chelan Valley for over 12 years with my husband Andrew and three girls Lana, Brynn and Indy, who is a student at Roots.  I value education, a love of learning, and am inspired daily by the students and staff around me.

I grew up in Montana and lived for part of my childhood in Eugene, Oregon. During my time in Eugene I was fortunate enough to participate in an extended studies course. This course taught me the value of project-based learning.  These years formed my belief that education can and should happen not only within the classroom walls but also far outside the classroom. I’ve spent most of my adult life working with children in some capacity. Some of my formative years were the years I spent at the College Settlement of Philadelphia working as an outdoor education teacher where I witnessed firsthand the impact of experiential education and realized it should be a vital part of every child’s learning process.

I love working at Roots as it incorporates experiential learning with project based education, focusing on the whole child while still offering quality education. The staff is dedicated to teaching to each individual child. I couldn’t ask for a better place to educate my own child.



Kelsy Bordner

Bears' Classroom Teacher

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. I’ve always loved being with kids and believe there are few things as exciting as watching kids learn something new or understand something for the first time. I have a BA in Elementary Education as well as an MA in Education, both from Azusa Pacific University. I taught for 6 ½ years (1 ½ in California and 5 in Arizona) before moving to Chelan in 2009. This is my third year back in the classroom and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be teaching the Bears class again at Roots. As an educator and a parent, I deeply appreciate the approach to learning we take, the ways we seek to cultivate the whole child, and the ways we protect and cherish childhood.

Sarah Whitehall

Owls' Classroom Teacher

My name is Sarah Whitehall and I live in Chelan with my 4 kids, Gracie, Drew, Luella, and Charlie along with our dog, cat and bunny. 

I studied psychology and counseling in college but went into our family business after graduating. After having my second child I stayed at home full time and began studying nutrition, movement and health. I received my certification as a health coach from IIN and then completed a certification as a personal trainer. My interests in nature and plant medicine also began to grow as I studied holistic health practices and this last year I completed a year long plant intensive program through Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall studying with local herbalists and botanists. 

I have a business as a health coach focusing on movement, nutrition and holistic health practices and continue to expand my knowledge. My family and I love being outside in nature and going on adventures together.  I love sharing what I have learned and hope to help others develop a connection and gratitude for nature and the world around us.

Specialist Teachers

Joely Hibbard

Cultural Studies Teacher

My name is Joely Hibbard and I am excited for my second year teaching at Roots! I have lived in Chelan for just over six years with my husband Travis and absolutely love the community. I graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 2012, and I have taught in a Kindergarten classroom as well as having some substitute teaching experience.  Roots inspired me to enter the classroom again teaching the Cultural Studies rotation on Fridays. My educational background focused on project based learning, so I have enjoyed bringing that experience as well as my love of travel, cooking, and exploration into the classroom!