Our school classrooms consist of 4 multi-age configurations; the Eagles, Bears, Owls and Wolves. Students weave in and out of these classrooms depending on their level of learning and individual needs. Our curriculum is designed to cover the Common Core State Standards. Below is just a basic summary of the curriculum used at Roots; click here for a more detailed description.

MATH K-5:  

  • Singapore / Dimensions Math – This curriculum uses a 3-step process: concrete (hands on learning), pictorial and abstract (using numbers and symbols) to teach students mathematical concepts.
  • Number Talks – Using mathematical problems to help students develop mental math skills.
  • Math Centers – Keeps student:teacher ratio low by engaging students in intentional centers where the student practices and applies math skills.
  • What’s My Place/What’s My Value routine – Daily routine to help cement understanding of digits and place/value.


Wolves: Balanced multi-sensory language arts includes songs, rhythm, rhyme and movement along with early literacy

Owls:Literature based learning instruction.  Also includes phonics, grammar, spelling and vocabulary

Bears: Literature based learning instruction.  Also includes phonics, grammar, spelling and vocabulary

Eagles: Builds on literature based instruction of the Bears classroom with increased emphasis on the reading / writing connection.

WRITING K-6Writer’s Workshop – Focus on narrative, informative, opinion/argument writing.  Handwriting is valued and considered an essential part of a holistic language arts program.

ART K-6: Weekly Art Lessons – students learn techniques and mediums through specific projects while still allowing the student to be creative and make individualized art. Art is integrated in all subject matter.

MUSIC/Theatre – Annual musical performed at the end of the school year. Weekly music lessons focus on beginning music theory..

SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES / HISTORY – woven into yearly themes. 

MOVEMENT/PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Yoga, swimming, basketball and soccer clinics are taught by qualified instructors. Yoga – Roots students engage in Yoga practice several times per week where they learn a variety of techniques for stress relief, relaxation, and inner fulfillment to help them navigate life with more ease.  As they move their bodies in connection to the breath they build strength and flexibility increasing coordination and balance.  Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness through a physical activity that is noncompetitive.  Concentration is improved, an ability to remain calm is increased and kids take away invaluable tools for deep relaxation they will carry with them throughout their lives. We practice outdoors as often as the weather allows, encouraging students to connect with nature with the bright Chelan sun shining on their faces! 

The movement program is a UK based program which helps with reading, balance and coordination, timing and rhythm.  We love this program because it focuses on helping students become better readers, athletes, mathematicians, musicians and more!